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The SandBar - Volume 22

Issue 4 • October 2023

Supreme Court Rules on Wetlands Covered by the Clean Water Act

Also in this issue:
• Fourth Circuit Says Shrimp Bycatch is Not a Pollutant
• Agencies Look to Provide Green Sea Turtles Shell-ter
• Court Dismisses Challenges to Vineyard Wind Energy Project
• Fishpass Project in Michigan Gets the Go-Ahead

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Issue 3 • July 2023

Fishers Lose Challenge to Herring Fishery Observer Rule

Also in this issue:
• U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Proposition 12: Pork Law Doesn't Get Chopped!
• The Off Again, On Again Alaska Troll Season
• Court Considers Transfer of Development Rights in Florida Keys Takings Case
• New Jersey is Allowed to Unilaterally Withdraw from Waterfront Commission Compact

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Issue 2 • April 2023

EPA Blocks Pebble Mine Project in Bristol Bay, Alaska—Again

Also in this issue:
• Court Says Agency's Analysis of Shipping Lane Changes Fails to Protect Marine Wildlife
• Environmental Groups Claim BiOp Failed to Assess Risk of Oil & Gas in the Gulf
• Commercial Fisherman Feel the Sting Following Loss on Red Grouper Catch Limits
• Corps Must Consult with NMFS on Bonnet Carré Spillway Openings

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Issue 1 • January 2023

Lobster Lovers Mourn as American Lobster Added to Seafood Watch's Red List

Also in this issue:
• Members of Shinnecock Tribe Win Right to Sue over Fishing Rights
• Rhode Island Supreme Court Rejects Marina's Expansion Plans
• National Trend: Climate Change Lawsuits Against Big Oil Stay in State Courts
• 2022 Legislative Update

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