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The SandBar - Volume 9

Issue 1 • April 2010

The Supreme Court Runs Through It

Nature v. Commerce
Ninth Circuit Rules Against Littoral Property Owners
A Heated Controversy

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Issue 2 • July 2010

Cleaning up the Gulf Oil Spill

Stop the Beach Renourishment
State Law Preempted
Fishing for Rumors

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Issue 3 • August 2010

Obama Administration Announces National Ocean Policy

Frightened Fisherman Wins Right to Sue
Consolidating the BP Oil Spill Litigation
Controversy Continues to Swirl Around Oil and Gas Drilling in the Arctic

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Issue 4 • October 2010

Cape Wind Keeps Spinning

Rrrrr They Pirates?
Cooling Water Intake Structures
Privately-Owned Wetlands and the ESA

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