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The SandBar - Volume 13

Issue 1 • January 2014

Hawaii Protects Groundwater Using the Public Trust Doctrine

CA Court Considers Meaning of "Best Available Science" in Environmental Reviews
Public Trust Doctrine Limited by Wisconsin Supreme Court
Agency Action and Judicial Review Under the Act to Prevent Pollution From Ships

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Issue 2 • April 2014

The Carnival Fantasy:
New Tourism Collides with Old World Charm in Charleston, South Carolina

The Right to Clean Air, Pure Water, and the Preservations of the Environment
Coast Guard Has No Affirmative Duty to Rescue Mariners in Peril
Battle Brewing over NC Oceanfront Property Owner's Dry Sand Beach Activities

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Issue 3 • July 2014

Agencies' Proposed Rule Would Expand CWA Jurisdiction

Maryland Court Upholds Menhaden Regulations
Fistfight on a Floating Dock: Does Admiralty Jurisdiction Apply?
Crashed Airplanes, Beached Submarines, and Sovereign Immunity

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Issue 4 • October 2014

New Decisions Affirm Municipal Authority to Prohibit Hydraulic Fracturing Through Zoning Ordinances

Courts Tackle Title Disputes
Deepwater Horizon Update
Delaware Issues Shellfish Aquaculture Regulations

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