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The SandBar - Volume 7

Issue 1 • April 2008

Takings 101

Court Finds Regulatory Taking of Developer’s Property
Court Dismisses Commercial Fishing License Claims
Rolling Beach Easement not a Taking

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Issue 2 • July 2008

Supreme Court Finds New Jersey and Delaware Share Jurisdiction

California’s Emissions Regulations Preempted
Court Vacates Monitoring and Enforcement Requirements
Water Wars Continue in Southeastern States

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Issue 3 • October 2008

Aquaculture Research Project Survives Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Court Dismisses Family Members' Claims of Emotional Distress
U.S. Supreme Court Vacates Exxon Valdez Punitive Damages
Transfer of Riparian Rights Under Scrutiny in Wisconsin

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Issue 4 • January 2009

Supreme Court Says Navy May Continue Sonar Training

Minnesota Requires Permit for Ballast Water Discharges in Lake Superior
Florida's Beach Renourishment Act Upheld
EPA May Obtain Administrative Warrants Under TSCA

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