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The SandBar - Volume 21

Issue 4 • October 2022

20th Anniversary Issue

Also in this issue:
• National Sea Grant Law Center: 2002-2022
• Proposed National Marine Sanctuary — Hudson Canyon
• Court Upholds Industry-Funded At-Sea Monitor Rule
• Seasonal Closures of Lobster Fisheries: The Wrong Way to Protect the Right Whale?
• No Clean Power Plan: Supreme Court Defines Scope of EPA Authority in West Virginia v. EPA

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Issue 3 • July 2022

NPDES Permit Issued for Aquaculture Facility in the Gulf of Mexico

Also in this issue:
• California Court Says Bees Fall Under Definition of Fish
• NOAA Fisheries Developing Equity and Environmental Justice Strategy
• Indiana's Lake Michigan Shoreline Dispute Moves to Federal Court
• Court Rejects Basis of Ute Tribe's Water Theft Claim

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Issue 2 • April 2022

Judge Says No Offshore Lease Sale—Need More Environmental Impact Analysis First

Also in this issue:
• Washington Supreme Court Upholds Trout Aquaculture Permit
MS v. TN Update! Supreme Court Says Aquifer is an Interstate Resource Subject to Equitable Apportionment
• Who Owns the Oysters: The Farmer or the State?
• Cruise Ship Turned Pirate? Vessel Absconds to the Bahamas to Escape Seizure

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Issue 1 • January 2022

Court Reinstates Seasonal Closure of Maine Lobster Fishery to Protect Whales

Also in this issue:
• Court Declines to Prohibit Shrimp Trawling and Bycatch Practices in North Carolina
• Who Is Liable for the Erosion Caused by the Jetties at the Lake Montauk Harbor?
• Eleventh Circuit Rules in Favor of Public Access Rights to a Florida Beach
• 2021 Legislative Update

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