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The SandBar - Volume 1

Issue 1 • January 2002
Supreme Court Rejects Lake Tahoe Landowners' Takings Claim

Supreme Court Upholds Immunity for Ports Authority
Rivers Polluted by Nonpoint Source Pollution Subject to TMDLs
EPA Logging Permits Violate Public Notice Requirement

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Issue 2 • April 2002

Court Upholds NEPA’s Application in the EEZ

No EIS Necessary for Kohala Project
Court Rejects Rehearing on Banned Shrimp Case
Coast Guard Cannot Assert Salvage Liens for Mandatory Duties

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Issue 3 • July 2002

Groundfish Management Proves Daunting to Court, Fishers

Off-Site Mitigation of Beach Access Upheld
Ninth Circuit Denies Relief to Seattle Tideland Developers
Klamath River Basic Water Shortage Reaches Crisis

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Issue 4 • October 2002

California Secures Victory for State Consistency Review

Owner of Bridge Not Presumed Negligent for Barge Allision
Aerial Spraying is Point Source Pollution
Remote Sensing: An Emerging Tool for Environmental Protection

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