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  • The University of Mississippi Lead in Drinking Water Project
  • Childhood lead poisoning is a challenging social issue that requires the coordination of health, housing, and environmental law and policy. There is no safe blood level for lead, and all sources of lead exposure for children should be controlled or eliminated. The National Sea Grant Law Center is part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Mississippi seeking to assess and raise awareness of the contribution of lead pipes and water treatment to lead poisoning in Mississippi through community-based research, education, and outreach. To date, the team has focused on lead in drinking water issues in both the Mississippi Delta and Jackson area.

  • Lead in Drinking Water Forum: Oct. 5, 2022

  • The University of Mississippi is hosting a Lead in Drinking Water Forum to raise awareness among policy-makers, organizational leaders, and stakeholders of the risks of exposure from lead in drinking water in Mississippi. During the one-day Forum, presenters will share data, research findings, and potential solutions related to lead in drinking water in Mississippi and participants will develop actionable policy recommendations to address gaps and mitigate risk.

    Download the Forum on Lead in Mississippi Drinking Water Agenda

  • Public Water System LCR Exceedances

  • This map identifies the public water systems in Mississippi reporting 90th percentile concentrations of lead over 5 ppb for the reporting period ending December 2022.

  • Current Projects

  • MSDH Referrals
    The Mississippi Department of Health and the UM Lead in Drinking Water Project are working together to provide additional household water testing to the families of children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels.

    Childhood Lead Poisoning

    MSDH Lead Poisoning Prevention

    SipSafe Program
    The UM Lead in Drinking Water Project is collaborating with Mississippi State University Extension to carry out the SipSafe Program to the Mississippi Delta. Under this program, we provide complimentary lead in water testing to facilities where children under six are present and educational materials on protecting communities from lead exposure.

  • Water Quality Challenges in Jackson, MS

  • In 2018, the UM Lead in Drinking Water Team received funding from the UM Community Wellbeing Constellation to work with the Foundation for the Mid-South and the Jackson Water Coalition to support their efforts to improve water quality and infrastructure in Jackson, Mississippi. As part of this project, we held two lead in drinking water education and sampling events and developed outreach materials to share project data and raise awareness.

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  • Funders

  • Initial financial support was provided by the University of Mississippi through an Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Investment Grant. Additional financial support was provided by the Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute and U.S. Geological Survey under award number G16AP00065. In 2018, the Project Team received seed funding from the University of Mississippi Community Well-being Constellation to expand the geographic scope of the project to Jackson, MS. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Mississippi, MWRRI, or USGS.

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