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  • PPE: The New Norm
  • July 6th, 2020 — by Caroline Heavey — Category: COVID-19 OSHA

  • PPE has become a household term during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your family is like mine, you might even have a PPE station by your backdoor to make sure you are prepared whenever you go out. We are all taking precautions to ward off the virus and help slow the spread. Even though PPE is new to most of our vocabulary, personal protective equipment—PPE’s proper name—is not a new concept when it comes to workplace safety. OSHA has enforced workplace safety standards requiring PPE as a mechanism to mitigate worker exposure to workplace hazards that can not be eliminated entirely. As America goes back to work, many employers who never before had to consider a need for PPE must do so to combat the risk of COVID-19.

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  • Workplace Safety and COVID-19 on Vessels: Who’s in Charge?
  • June 23rd, 2020 — by Caroline Heavey — Category: COVID-19 OSHA

  • In early June, 94 of 126 crew members aboard the F/V American Dynasty tested positive for COVID-19. Despite precautions taken to avoid such an outbreak, the fishing industry and others who make their living working on boats are facing serious challenges responding to COVID-19. It’s hard to imagine crew members being able to consistently stay six feet apart while hauling in nets, for example.

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  • Workplace Safety Standards Amidst COVID-19
  • June 17th, 2020 — by Caroline Heavey — Category: COVID-19 OSHA

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued standards and guidelines for employers to address workplace safety and health concerns relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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