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SandBar 12.3 Dynamic Version      
SandBar 12.3 In PDF

  • Environmental Activism or Piracy? The Blurry Line between Flying the Jolly Roger and Protecting the Environment
  • California Court Halts Fracking Operations
  • White House Releases National Oceans Plan
  • New York Trash Facility Set to Move Forward
  • No Permit Necessary for Stormwater Runoff from Logging Operations
  • Littoral Events

SandBar 12.2 Dynamic Version      SandBar 12.2 In PDF

  • Is a Houseboat a Vessel? U.S. Supreme Court Applies New Test for Floating Homes
  • Supreme Court Ruling Maintains Water Transfer Rule
  • Ninth Circuit Allows California Oyster Company to Remain Open, but for How Long?
  • President Obama Creates the San Juan Islands National Monument
  • Federal Circuit Dismisses California Water Rights Claim
  • Georgia Court Rules Wetlands Entitled to Buffer Protection
  • Littoral Events

SandBar 12.1 Dynamic Version      
SandBar 12.1 In PDF

  • No Easy Answers for the Native Village of Kivalina
  • Ninth Circuit Approves West Coast
  • Transocean Escapes Total Ban from Operating in Brazil
  • Supreme Court Rules on Takings Claim for Temporary Flooding
  • Court Clears the Way for Navy's Training Range in Calving Grounds
  • Legislative Update 2012
  • SandBar Volume 11 Index

SandBar 11.4 Dynamic Version      
SandBar 11.4 In PDF
  • PA Court Rules against State Fracking Law
  • Shoreline Development Ban Upheld
  • Court Rules on Native Villages' Fishing and Hunting Rights
  • OSHA Reacts to SeaWorld Killer Whale Killing
  • NMFS Ordered to Review Atlantic Herring Plan
  • NSGLC Grant Program Update

SandBar 11.3 Dynamic Version      
SandBar 11.3 In PDF

  • Fishing Permit Proper for Aquaculture Operations
  • Atlantic Sturgeon Listed as Endangered, Management Challenges Ahead
  • Exemption Not Allowed for Developers along Waterfront Property
  • Texas Supreme Court Weakens Rolling Easements Doctrine
  • 9th Circuit Upholds Hawaiian Swordfish Consent Agreement
  • NSGLC Grant Program Update

SandBar 11.2 Dynamic Version      SandBar 11.2 In PDF

  • FWS Reaches Settlement Agreement on ESA Work Plan
  • Litigation Update: Supreme Court Rules on Ownership of Montana Rivers
  • Federal Court Upholds NMFS Decision Limiting Pesticide Use
  • Washington State Supreme Court Rules on Groundwater Use
  • No Takings Claims Allowed: Revisiting Permit Exactions
  • Third Circuit Grapples With Rapanos

SandBar 11.1 Dynamic Version      SandBar 11.1 In PDF

  • Is Pre-Enforcement Actually Enforcement?
  • State Supreme Court Rules on Ohio’s PTD
  • U.S. Supreme Court Looks at Ownership of Montana Rivers
  • The Battle of Saugatuck Dunes Continues
  • Polar Bear Litigation Update

SandBar 10.4 Dynamic Version          SandBar 10:4 In PDF

  • Maine’s Public Trust Doctrine Continues to Evolve
  • Fight to Prevent Spread of Asian Carp Faces Setback
  • Polar Bears Listed as “Threatened” Under ESA
  • Court Denies Review of Nationwide Permit Regulating Ballast Water
  • Weird Science?
  • U.S. Supreme Court Holds CAA Displaces Federal Common Law
  • Volume 10 Index

Volume 10, Number 2
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Recent Cases Explore Public Beach Easements on Dynamic Beaches
  • Michigan Supreme Court Restores Citizens' Right to Sue State for Environmental Harm
  •  Legal Killing to Sea Lions Halted
  • Landowners Adjacent to Artificial Bodies of Water in N.C. have Riparian Rights
  •  Washington State's Water Law Amendments Upheld

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