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Volume 10, Number 4    Dynamic Version          SandBar 10:4 In PDF

  • Maine’s Public Trust Doctrine Continues to Evolve
  • Fight to Prevent Spread of Asian Carp Faces Setback
  • Polar Bears Listed as “Threatened” Under ESA
  • Court Denies Review of Nationwide Permit Regulating Ballast Water
  • Weird Science?
  • U.S. Supreme Court Holds CAA Displaces Federal Common Law
  • Volume 10 Index

Volume 10, Number 3 Dynamic Version        PDF Version

  • BP and Natural Resource Trustees Enter Billion Dollar Agreement to Restore Gulf
  • Increased Coordination for Increased Conservation: Boemre and NOAA Sign MOU on OCS Energy Resources
  • Gulf Oil Spill Reports Released
  • State Passes Bill Strengthening Oil Spill Laws
  • Gulf Oil Spill Spawns Sea of Books

Volume 10, Number 2
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Recent Cases Explore Public Beach Easements on Dynamic Beaches

  • Michigan Supreme Court Restores Citizens' Right to Sue State for Environmental Harm

  •  Legal Killing to Sea Lions Halted

  • Landowners Adjacent to Artificial Bodies of Water in N.C. have Riparian Rights

  •  Washington State's Water Law Amendments Upheld

Volume 10, Number 1
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • The Plight of the Blue Mud Shrimp
        ESA inadequate for invasive species threats

  • Court Upholds L.A. Port Program
        An examination of the Port of Los Angeles’ Clean Truck Program

  •  NPDES Permit Required for Logging Road

  • Spoliation Sanction in Duluth Harbor
        Court rules on crewman’s claims

  •  2010 Federal Legislative Update

Volume 9, Number 4
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Cape Wind Keeps Spinning
        Updates on the offshore wind project
  • Rrrrr They Pirates?
        Court says no
  • Cooling Water Intake Structures
        A look at EPA’s regulation and a recent lawsuit
  • Privately-Owned Wetlands and the ESA
        Wetlands at issue not “areas under Federal jurisdiction”
  • Who Owns Jersey Shore

Volume 9, Number 3
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Obama Administration Announces National Ocean Policy
        Stewardship of the Ocean, Coasts, and the Great Lakes

  • Frightened Fisherman Wins Right to Sue
        Court finds captain was within zone of danger

  • Consolidating the BP Oil Spill Litigation
        An overview of the lawsuits

  • Controversy Continues to Swirl Around Oil and Gas Drilling in the Arctic
        Court halts development of oil and gas wells on leases in the  Chukchi Sea

  • Environmental Reviews for “Roundup Ready” Crops Inadequate
        Disputes continue over proper remedies

Volume 9, Number 2
Editor: Terra Bowling
  • Cleaning up the Gulf Oil Spill
        Legal issues and the current regulatory framework

  • Stop the Beach Renourishment
        U.S. Supreme Court grapples with judicial takings case
  • State Law Preempted
        Coast Guard final rule preempts the Massachusetts Oil Spill Prevention Act

  • Fishing for Rumors
        The Ocean Policy Task Force Interim Framework for Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning makes a  splash

  • Ditch Jurisdiction?
        D.C. Court rejects facial challenge to CWA permits for upland ditches

Volume 9, Number 1
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • The Supreme Court Runs Through It
        Private Entities May Intervene in Catawba River Dispute

  • Nature v. Commerce
        Controversy Over Oyster Farm in Point Reyes Seashore

  • Ninth Circuit Rules Against Littoral Property Owners
        Shore Defense Structures May Constitute Trespass

  • A Heated Controversy
        Vermont Supreme Court Upholds Thermal Discharge Variance for Connecticut River

  • Water Project Diverted
        Transfer Halted over Invasive Species Concerns

Volume 8, Number 4
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Climate Change: Public Nuisance Cases Clear Preliminary Hurdle
  • Federal Legislative Update
  • A Line In the Sand: Court Limits Ohio's Public Trust Doctrine
  • California's Water Efficiency Standards: North Circuit Orders Further Review
  • Carp Crusade: Great Lakes States Prepare to Battle Asian Carp
  • Construction of LNG Terminal Proceeds: Court Rejects Rhode Island's Regulatory Barriers

Volume 8, Number 3
Editor: Terra Bowling
  • District Court Overturns Agency Decisions on King William Reservoir
  • Supreme Court Upholds Corps’ Slurry Discharge
  • Supreme Court to Hear Judicial Takings Case
  • Hawaii Considers Increased Fines to Deter Coral Damage
  • Mission Bay Jet Skiing Accident Subject to Admiralty Jurisdiction
  • Supreme Court Declares City Tax on Large Vessels Unconstitutional
  • Court Halts Dock Construction under NEPA  and ESA
  • Federal District Court Allows CERCLA Suit to Proceed Call for Abstracts
  • Litigation Update: Ninth Circuit Awards Valdez Plaintiffs $500 Million in Interest on Punitive Damages
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 8, Number 2
Editor: Terra Bowling
  • Supreme Court Upholds EPA’s Regulation of Intake Systems
  • Ninth Circuit Affirms NMFS Policy on Hatchery v. Natural Salmon
  • DC Circuit Vacates Bush-era Oil and Gas Lease Expansion
  • Obama Announces National Ocean Policy
  • Michigan Court Rejects Judicial Review of Agency Decisions
  • Hawaii Supreme Court Requires EA for Superferry
  • New York’s Objection to the Broadwater Energy LNG Project Upheld
  • Eleventh Circuit Negligence Lawsuit to Proceed Against the Federal Government
  • Supreme Court Rules on CERCLA Apportionment
  • Maine Court Affirms Criminal Conviction of Lobsterman
  • Court Rejects California’s Mercury Warning on Tuna
  • Supreme Court of Canada Rules against Neighborhood Nuisance
  • Coast Guard Immune from Suit for Negligent Search and Rescue
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 8, Number 1
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Court Invalidates New Jersey Public Access Rules
  • California Court Defers to State Agencies on Public Trust Question
  • Georgia Supreme Court Rules Act Does Not Apply
  • Town Board Grants Variance for Construction within Set Back
  • Court Upholds City’s Amendment Limiting Harbor Development
  • Florida Court Eases Standing Requirement for Development Challenges
  • Court Overturns Board’s Decision Allowing Septic System in Coastal Dune
  • Appellate Court Imposes Strict Requirements on Citizen Suits
  • Organization’s Objection to Marine Terminal Is Untimely
  • Publication Announcements
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 7, Number 4
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Supreme Court Says Navy May Continue Sonar Training
  • Minnesota Requires Permit for Ballast Water Discharges in Lake Superior
  • Florida’s Beach Renourishment Act Upheld
  • EPA May Obtain Administrative Warrants Under TSCA
  • Court Dismisses Claim on Atoll
  • Alaska Denies Compensation for Shorter Salmon Season
  • Sailboat Passenger Partially Liable for Loss of Taste and Smell
  • Oregon Court Upholds Crab Pot Regulations
  • Federal Legislation 2008
  • International Law Update
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 7, Number 3
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Aquaculture Research Project Survives Motion for Preliminary Injunction
  • Court Dismisses Family Members’ Claims of Emotional Distress
  • U.S. Supreme Court Vacates Exxon Valdez Punitive Damages
  • Transfer of Riparian Rights Under Scrutiny in Wisconsin
  • Ecosystem-based Management in the Gulf of Mexico: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Hawaii Superferry Litigation Continues
  • LNG Terminal in Baltimore Receives Federal Approval
  • Coast Guard Must Consider Impact of Shipping Routes on Right Whales
  • Ninth Circuit Examines Whether Dogs Are Livestock
  • Ninth Circuit Grants Partial Reprieve to California Sea Lions
  • Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging Contraction of Hepatitis A from Undercooked Mussels
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 7, Number 2
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Supreme Court Finds New Jersey and Delaware Share Jurisdiction
  • California’s Emissions Regulations Preempted
  • Court Vacates Monitoring and Enforcement Requirements
  • Water Wars Continue in Southeastern States
  • No Sanctions for Vessel Carrying Shark Fins
  • Spain Precluded from Bringing Oil Spill Case in U.S. Court
  • Limited-Entry Statutory Scheme Is Constitutional
  • Minnesota Court of Appeals Dismisses Nonprofit’s Suit
  • Department Lacked Authority to Regulate under State’s Shoreline Management Act
  • “But I Own It . . . I Think.” The Joys of Copyright Ownership
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 7, Number 1
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Takings 101
  • Court Finds Regulatory Taking of Developer’s Property
  • Court Dismisses Commercial Fishing License Claims
  • Rolling Beach Easement not a Taking
  • Court Denies Regulatory Taking in Designated Port Area
  • Landowners Prevail in Beach Access Case
  • Court Rejects Condemnation of Private Property under Salmon Recovery Act
  • Restriction on Water Use Not a Per Se Taking
  • Permit to Remove Sand Is an Imminent Injury to Beachgoers
  • Corps Liable for Shoreline Erosion on Lake Michigan
  • Protecting Your Copyrighted Works
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 6, Number 4
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Hawaii DOT Must Prepare an EA for Superferry
  • Court Grants Injunction in Navy Sonar Case
  • Eleventh Circuit Uses “Significant Nexus” Test
  • Litigation Update
  • Alaska Upholds Commercial Fishery Decision
  • NPDES Permit May Allow Photography of Premises
  • Seaman Bound by Employment Contract
  • Court Dismisses Seaman’s MRSA Claim
  • DOSHA Applies to Jet-Ski Accident in Bahamian Waters
  • Ski Resort Plan Approval in Violation of NEPA and NFMA
  • Using Copyrighted Works
  • Federal Legislation, 2007
  • International Law Update
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 6, Number 3
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Property Owners Lack Standing to Sue Nestle
  • The Basics of Copyright Protection
  • City’s Liability Waiver Invalid
  • Herring Net Pen Permit Upheld for Aquaculture Use
  • Exxon Must Use State Law to Calculate Prejudgment Interest
  • Photographer Aboard Ship is Not a Maritime Employee
  • Crawfish Etouffee Not Subject to Antidumping Duty Order
  • Illegal Lobster Importers Not Required to Pay Restitution
  • Tourist’s Liability Waiver Upheld
  • Book Review: Disasters and the Law
  • Horseshoe Crabs up for Grabs
  • Litigation Update
  • SandBar Scramble (Crossword)
      Crossword Answers
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 6, Number 2
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • Supreme Court Rules EPA’s Denial to Regulate
  • District Courts May Take Quickest Path to Dismissal
  • Pennsylvania Trial Court Preserves Public Access
  • “Dolphin Safe” Tuna Retains Its Meaning
  • Ninth Circuit Rules for Environmental Groups in Salmon Case
  • Ninth Circuit Finalizes Punitive Damages in Exxon Valdez Spill
  • Texas Court Invalidates Gulf Red Snapper Plan
  • Accidental Bomb Leads to Legal Malpractice Suit
  • Courts Upholds Tax Deduction for Lake Michigan Conservation Easement
  • Project Jeopardizes South Carolina Wetlands
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 6, Number 1
Editor: Terra Bowling

  • State Farm Not Acting as a “Good Neighbor”?
  • Letter from the Editor
  • In the Wake of Katrina, Mississippi Approves Onshore Casinos
  • Federal Judge Rules Against State Farm in Katrina Case
  • Several Insurance Policies Provide Coverage from Levee-Breach Flooding
  • Report Blames Corps for Levee Breaches
  • FEMA Evicts Evacuees without Adequate Explanation
  • LA Supreme Court Finds Insurance Claims Extensions Constitutional
  • Hospital Negligence Class Action Remanded to Louisiana State Court
  • From Sea to Shining Sea (Grant) -- Forty Years of Research through the National Sea Grant College Act
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 5, Number 4
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • First Circuit Interprets Rapanos to Determine Which Test to Apply
  • Alaska Supreme Court Upholds Fishermen’s Class Action Suit
  • Coast Guard Withdraws Live-Fire Training Proposal in Great Lakes
  • 2006 Knauss Fellow Reflections
  • Tort Claims Against Ocean City Drown on Appeal
  • Hawaii Supreme Court Reaffirms Definition of Shoreline
  • Ninth Circuit Finds Rental Company Had No Duty to Warn
  • Fish and Wildlife Service Must Comply with Endangered Species Act Requirements
  • Oil Company Cleanup Halted by Injunction
  • Cruise Ship Liable for Minor’s Claims
  • International Law Update
  • 2006 Federal Legislative Update
  • Coast to Coast

Volume 5, Number 3
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Ninth Circuit Issues First Wetlands Decision Post-Rapanos
  • District Court Preempts Massachusetts’ Oil Spill Prevention Act
  • Fourth Circuit Demands Tougher Sentence for First-Time Offender
  • The Legal Viability of the 2001 UNESCO Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention
  • Court Rules on Lease of Lands in Alaska’s Northwest Planning Area
  • Court Upholds Protection of Critical Dune Area on Lake Michigan
  • Publication Announcement
  • Sunken Ship Subject to Admiralty Jurisdiction
  • Arkansas Regulations not Preempted by Migratory Bird Treaty Act
  • Company not Exonerated for Snuba Diving Death
  • Book Review
      Killing our Oceans: Dealing with the Mass Extinction of Marine Life
  • Court Upholds Hydroelectric Project Relicensing
  • Study Finds Benefits of Consuming Seafood Outweigh Risk

Volume 5, Number 2
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Supreme Court Fails to Clarify Limits of Corps’ Wetland Jurisdiction
  • Reflections of a Knauss Fellow: Thomas Street
  • Failure to Designate Critical Habitat Not a Continuing Violation
  • District Court Vacates Steller Sea Lion Research Permits
  • District Court May Exercise Jurisdiction Over Norwegian Shipping Companies
  • No “Right to a View” of the Coastline from the Ocean
  • Court Vacates Anacostia River TMDLs
  • Honolulu’s Aerial Advertising Ban Is Constitutional
  • Supreme Court Affirms States’ Role in Dam Licensing
  • District Court Allows Evidence Obtained by Coast Guard
  • Angler with Revoked License May Fish During Free Weekend
  • Book Announcements
       Conservation Across Borders: Biodiversity in an Interdependent World
       Seeking the Sacred Raven: Politics and Extinction on a Hawaiian Island
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 5, Number 1
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Bottled Water Dispute Boils Over
  • California Court Trashes Plan to Reduce Litter in the Los Angeles River
  • Knauss Program Accepts Three Law Students
  • First Circuit Finds CWA Jurisdiction over Cranberry Farm
  • Titanic Not Subject to the Law of Finds
  • Third Circuit Untangles Complicated Shipping Dispute
  • Disposal Site Selection is a Discretionary Function
  • Florida Sea Grant and University of Florida Law School Partner to Support Public Access Policy Initiatives
  • Seattle Cannot Impose Additional Safety Standards for Hazardous Pipeline
  • Book Review
         The Florida Manatee: Biology and Conservation
  • Alaska Has Jurisdiction over Crime Committed in Canadian Waters
  • Ninth Circuit Dismisses Challenge to Reopening of Swordfish Fishery
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between

Volume 4, Number 4
Editor: Stephanie Showalter
  • Michigan Supreme Court Protects Public’s Right to Walk on Beach
  • Virginia Supreme Court Upholds Issuance of Permits for King William Reservoir
  • Pharmaceutical Research Delayed for Lack of Environmental Review
  • First Circuit Upholds Rhode Island Lobster Regulation
  • Ninth Circuit Upholds the Corps’ Adjacency Jurisdiction Over Wetlands
  • Lawsuit Against Cessna Aircraft Dismissed for Failure to Allege Non-economic Damages
  • North Carolina Court Affirms Dismissal of Challenge to Public Access Rights
  • Court Refuses to Recognize Lesser Offense of Attempted DUI
  • The Ocean and Coastal Conservation Guide 2005-2006 Now Available
  • Agencies Suffer Another Setback in Management of Klamath River Basin
  • Aruba Resort Has Duty to Warn
  • Reflections of a Knauss Fellow: Part 4
  • 2005 Federal Legislative Update
  • 2005 International Law Update
  • Book Review
    • Salmon Wars: The Battle for the West Coast Salmon Fishery
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 4, Number 3
Editor: Stephanie Showalter
  • New Jersey Again at Forefront of Expanding Public Trust Doctrine
  • California Coastal Commission’s Authority Upheld
  • Court Preserves Public Access to Newport’s Historic Waterfront
  • Reflections of a Knauss Fellow: Part 3
  • Rhode Island Court Resolves Palazzolo
  • Fishermen in Federal Waters Need State Permit to Land Catch in Alaska

  • District Court Upholds Most of Atlantic Scallop Fishery Management Plan
  • Indiana and Ohio Failed to Comply with EPA Water Quality Guidance
  • Washington Court Protects Public Access to Tidelands on Bainbridge Island
  • Earthjustice Draws Line in the Hawaiian Sand
  • Litigation Updates
  • Husband Denied Coverage for Wife’s Scuba Diving Death
  • Book Reviews
    • Out of Eden: An Odyssey of Ecological Invasion
    • Striper Wars: An American Fish Story
    • The Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands: Region of Wonders
    • The Gulf of Alaska: Biology and Oceanography
  • Publication Announcement
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything In-Between)

Volume 4, Number 2
Editor: Stephanie Showalter
  • EPA Must Repeal Ballast Water Exception
  • U.S. Owns Submerged Lands in Glacier Bay
  • Court Allows Taking of Double-Crested Cormorant
  • Reflections of a Knauss Fellow: Part 2
  • Court Enforces Forum Selection Clause on Cruise Ship Ticket
  • EPA Must Modify CAFO Rule
  • FERC Has Authority to Require Invasive Species Monitoring Plans
  • Coast Guard Immune from Suit in Shark Attack Death
  • Groundfish Management Plan Stays Afloat
  • Agencies Suffer Setback in Columbia and Lower Snake River Management
  • Exclusion of 1999 as Qualifying Year Upheld
  • MARAD Cleared to Conduct Transatlantic Tows
  • Book Review
    • Fathoming the Ocean: The Discovery and Exploration of the Deep Sea
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything In-Between)

Volume 4, Number 1
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Supreme Court Declares Super Scoop a “Vessel”
  • Wind Farm Survives Another Challenge
  • From the Editor's Desk
  • Reflections of a Knauss Fellow
  • Honeywell Must Excavate Contaminated Wetlands
  • Hawai’i Supreme Court Voids Lease for Lack of Sufficient Environmental Review
  • Federal Maritime Jurisdiction Pushes Inland
  • Litigation Update - CNMI v. U.S.
  • Department of Defense Must Comply with National Historic Preservation Act
  • Makah Tribe Entitled to Percentage of Pacific Whiting Harvest
  • Online Fish Auctioneer Ruled Primary Fish Buyer
  • Landowners Must Exercise Reasonable Care to Avoid Injuring Honeybees
  • Placement of Dredge Material is a Discretionary Function
  • Book Reviews:
      Marine Affairs Dictionary:Terms, Concepts, Laws, Court Cases, & Int'n'l Conventions & Agreements
      Entanglements: The Intertwined Fates of Whales and Fishermen

  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 3, Number 4
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Ninth Circuit Denies Standing to World’s Whales and Dolphins
  • Dam Operator Not Liable for Downstream Flooding
  • Alaskan Fishery Commission Followed Proper Procedure to Limit Entry
  • Sausalito Has Standing to Sue to Stop Redevelopment of National Recreation Area
  • Lobsterman Unable to Recover Lost Profits from Catastrophic Oil Spill
  • Piping Plover Critical Habitat Designation Remanded to FWS
  • Convictions for Entering Navy “Danger Zone” Vacated
  • Corps Doing All It Can to Meet State Temperature Standards
  • Congress Amends Migratory Bird Treaty Act
  • Ohio Contemplates Elimination of Submerged Lands Leases
  • 2004 Federal Legislative Update
  • Book Reviews:
      Marine Reserves: A Guide to Science, Design, and Use
      Blue Genes: Sharing and Conserving the World’s Aquatic Biodiversity
  • International Law Update
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 3, Number 3
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Not Just a Walk in the Park: Beach Access and the Public Trust Doctrine in New Jersey
  • Agencies Prohibited from Curtailing Summer Spill
  • “Dolphin-Safe” Tuna Label Safe for Now
  • Framework Adjustment 14 Does Not Violate Magnuson-Stevens Act
  • Sixth Circuit Reaffirms Narrow Reading of SWANCC
  • NMFS Properly Classified Hawaiian Longline Fishery
  • Decision Not to List Cook Inlet Beluga Whales as Endangered Upheld
  • A Right to a Salvage Award, Not Title
  • Federal Circuit Reverses $37 Million Award to Fishing Vessel
  • Book Reviews:
      The Privatization of the Oceans
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 3, Number 2
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • No Right to Walk between High Water Mark and Water’s Edge
  • Kauai Planning Commission Can Modify SMA Use Permit
  • Barges Below High Water Mark Do Not Infringe on Property Rights
  • Santa Cruz County and California Coastal Commission Exceed Authority
  • SCUBA Shellfishing Ban Withstands Challenge
  • The Legal Status of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • Dock Extension Delayed because of Inadequate EIS
  • Construction of Navy Landing Field Delayed
  • No Exclusive Rights to Harvest Wild Alaskan Shellfish
  • Book Reviews:
      The Outlaw Sea: A World of Freedom, Chaos and Crime
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 3, Number 1
Editor: Stephanie Showalter
  • Stocking Project Deemed "Commercial Enterprise"
  • Water Users Awarded Over $14 Million
  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • Court Enjoins Mute Swan Cull
  • Public Access to Non-Navigable Rivers -Ideas for Change in Georgia : A Comment
  • Ohio H.B. 218 - An Update
  • New Lobster Regulations Do Not Violate Atlantic Coastal Act
  • “No-fault” Derelict Gear Recovery: An End to the Blame Game Leads to Successful Gear-removal in Puget Sound
  • Horseplay in Bar within “Zone of Special Danger”
  • Book Reviews:
      In Peril: A Daring Decision, a Captain’s Resolve,and the Salvage that Made History
      Coastal State Regulation of International Shipping
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 2, Number 4
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Supreme Court Rules for Virginia in Potomac Conflict
  • Cape Wind Associates Wins Round Two
  • Issuance of Longline Permits Triggers Consultation
  • Publication Notice: A Citizen's Guide to Conservation Easements
  • Public Access to Lake Erie Threatened
  • Formal Cumulative Impacts Analysis Not Required Under Alaska Law
  • Book Reviews:
       Rivers of Life: Managing Water for People and Nature
       The National Wildlife Refuges: Coordinating a Conservation System through Law
  • International Law Update
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 2, Number 3
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Mariana Islands Lacks Authority Over Its Submerged Lands
  • Attorney and Expert Witness Fees Awarded in New Carissa Litigation
  • Takings Claim Reconsidered in Light of Recent Supreme Court Decision
  • North Carolina Shellfish Contamination Case Moves Forward
  • SeaNet Announcement
  • International Coastal Management: Tools for Successful Regional Partnerships and Initiatives
  • The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - A Bold Experiment
  • Climate Change, A Canadian Perspective
  • Book Review - The Empty Ocean by Richard Ellis
    Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 2, Number 2
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Vessel Owner Awarded Over $37 Million for Temporary Taking
  • NOAA Fisheries Strengthens Patagonian Toothfish Regulations
  • Washington State Declared Owner of Submerged Logs
  • National Park Service May Relocate Docks
  • Highlights of the IWC Meeting
  • Maine Supreme Court Validates Dock Permits
  • Publication Announcement: Aquatic Nuisance Species in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Position Announcement: Director, Sea Grant Law Program
  • Supreme Court Accepts CWA Case
  • Just Published: Values at Sea
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 2, Number 1
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Gradual Takings Claim Not Barred by Statute of Limitations
  • From the Editor's Desk
  • NMFS Strengthens Sea Turtle Protections
  • Makah Whaling Plans Delayed Again
  • Public Comment Period Required in Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery
  • The 1953 International North Pacific Fisheries Convention: Half-century Anniversary of a New Departure in Ocean Law
  • Miners Allowed to Fill Kentucky's Rivers and Streams
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between

Volume 1, Number 4
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • California Secures Victory for State Consistency Review
  • Owner of Bridge Not Presumed Negligent for Barge Allision
  • Aerial Spraying is Point Source Pollution
  • Remote Sensing: An Emerging Tool for Environmental Protection
  • Crisis in the Connecticut Lobster Fishery
  • First Circuit Rules on NMFS's Lobster Conservation Plan
  • International Law Update
  • Book Reviews
    • The Lobster Chronicles: Life on a Very Small Island
    • Watershed: The Undamming of America
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 1, Number 3
Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Groundfish Management Proves Daunting to Court, Fishers
  • Off-Site Mitigation of Beach Access Upheld
  • Ninth Circuit Denies Relief to Seattle Tideland Developers
  • Klamath River Basic Water Shortage Reaches Crisis
    • A Tribal Perspective
    • An Irrigation Perspective
    • A Conservationist's Perspective
  • State May Condemn Land for Wetlands Mitigation
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between

Volume 1, Number 2
Editor: Kristen Fletcher
Associate Editor: Stephanie Showalter

  • Court Upholds NEPA’s Application in the EEZ
  • Mussel Byproducts from Harvesting Rafts are Not Pollutants
  • No EIS Necessary for Kohala Project
  • Court Rejects Rehearing on Banned Shrimp Case
  • Coast Guard Cannot Assert Salvage Liens for Mandatory Duties
  • Circuit Courts Apply Solid Waste Agency v. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Coast Guard May Seize Individuals from Foreign Vessels
  • The Clean Water Act and Coastal Zone Management Act: Celebrating 30 Years
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

Volume 1, Number 1
Editor: Kristen Fletcher
Associate Editor: Magnolia Bravo

  • Supreme Court Rejects Lake Tahoe Landowners' Takings Claim
  • Supreme Court Upholds Immunity for Ports Authority
  • Rivers Polluted by Nonpoint Source Pollution Subject to TMDLs
  • EPA Logging Permits Violate Public Notice Requirement
  • First Circuit Allows Navy Exercises at Vieques to Continue
  • Court Allows Banned Countries to Import Shrimp
  • Coast To Coast (And Everything in Between)

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