The National Sea Grant Law Center


Center attorneys participate in continuing education programs, conferences, and symposia which serve to educate policy makers, practitioners and laypersons on issues of marine resources policy issues. Attorneys also train law students in the field of ocean and coastal law.


The staff of the National Sea Grant Law Center respond to research requests from the legal community, Sea Grant College Programs, and state and federal agencies located across the country.

Recent Advisory Request

Topic: Invasive Species
Preventing the Spread of Quagga and Zebra Mussels to the Columbia River Basin and Pacific Northwest via Interstate Boat Sales

Recent Publication

The SandBar - Jan. 2022
Court Reinstates Seasonal
Closure of Maine Lobster
Fishery to Protect Whales  

Ocean & Coastal Case Alert

The Ocean & Coastal Case Alert is a monthly newsletter highlighting recent court decisions impacting ocean and coastal resource management.