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This guide is to assist writers in preparing information for publication in the Sea Grant Law & Policy Journal. For information not addressed in this guide, contact Catherine Janasie at

What is the Sea Grant Law & Policy Journal?

The Sea Grant Law & Policy Journal is a scholarly publication of the National Sea Grant Law Center. The Journal provides a forum for the timely discussion and exploration of legal topics of relevance to the National Sea Grant College Program’s network of extension agents, researchers, coastal managers and users, and local decision-makers. The Journal is published twice a year, with one issue dedicate to publication of papers presented at the Journal’s annual symposium. Each year’s symposium theme is selected by the Journal’s Editorial Board. Authors selected to publish papers in the Symposium issue are required to present their papers at the symposium. Travel awards are available.

Selection of Symposium Papers

Symposium papers are generally from abstracts submitted in response to an annual “Call for Abstracts.” Abstracts should be 300 words maximum. All abstracts should be based on original, unpublished work. The abstracts should include the title of the paper, author’s name, affiliations, and appropriate contact information. They should be submitted electronically in Word format to Catherine Janasie at

Abstracts are reviewed by the Journal’s editorial board. Six abstracts will be selected by the Journal’s editorial board. Selection will be based on relevance and potential contribution to the legal scholarship of the selected journal topic. Final drafts will receive at least two peer reviews.

Article Guidelines

The Journal’s Editorial Board also encourages the submission of finished articles. Articles may be submitted electronically in Word format to Catherine Janasie at If selected for publication by the Editorial Board, articles will be circulated to a least two outside peer reviewers. Authors will be given the opportunity to respond to reviewer comments and revise their papers as appropriate.

  1. Articles should be fewer than 15,000 words.
  2. Papers should be formatted with Times New Roman 12 point type, with one inch margins.
  3. Text and citations should conform to The Bluebook: a Uniform System of Citation.
  4. Papers should be submitted electronically to Catherine Janasie at
  5. Authors who reuse text and visual from other publication must acquire the appropriate copyright permission. For other inquiries regarding graphics or illustrations, contact Barry Barnes at

Open Access

The Journal has adopted the Open Access Law Principles promulgated by Open Access Law Program, which supports “open access” to legal scholarship by providing free access to scholarly literature without undue copyright and licensing restrictions. The principles require journals to 1) take only a limited term license, 2) provide a citable copy of the final version of the article, and 3) provide public access to the journal’s standard publishing contract. In return, the author promises to attribute first publication to the journal.

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