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  • Agriculture and Food Law Consortium

  • The Agricultural & Food Law Consortium is a national, multi-institutional collaboration designed to enhance and expand the development and delivery of authoritative, timely, and objective agricultural and food law research and information. This information is available to the nation’s vast agricultural community of producers, attorneys, state and federal policymakers, Cooperative Extension Service professionals, and others at the local, state, regional, and national levels. Agricultural law and food law includes law related to land-based food, fiber, and energy production systems, as well as seafood and marine-based aquaculture. The National Sea Grant Law Center is one of four founding members of the Consortium and contributes expertise on a range of topics including, aquaculture, fisheries, and water quality and quantity.

  • Consortium Members

  • National Agricultural Law Center The Ohio State University Penn State Law National Sea Grant Law Center

  • Priority Topic: Direct Marketing

  • Aquaculture producers seeking to diversify their businesses through direct marketing will encounter a confusing, and at times contradictory, maze of federal, state, and local food safety, tax, and environmental laws. The legal framework for direct sales of aquaculture products is further complicated by the differing treatment of freshwater and marine species, both of which are cultured in Alabama. In 2014, the National Sea Grant Law Center received funding from the Southern Risk Management Education Center to conduct legal research and outreach to support aquaculture producers in Alabama looking for ways to diversity their business with direct marketing opportunities. The National Sea Grant Law Center organized a workshop, hosted a series of webinars, and developed a Legal Guide for Direct Marketing Aquaculture Products in Alabama. To learn more about this work, visit our project page at:

    At the request of NOAA Fisheries, the NSGLC collaborated with the Planning Committee of the National Summit on Community Supported Fisheries, held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, May 30 – June 1, 2012, to produce a resource guide for fishermen. Starting and Maintaining Community Supported Fishery (CSF) Programs: A Resource Guide for Fishermen and Fishing Communities provides general information to assist fishermen and fishing communities with starting and/or maintaining a Community Supported Fishery (CSF). The guide is available for download at

  • Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference

  • Agriculture in the Mid-South is uniquely impacted by changes and developments in state, federal, and international laws and policies. Each year, the Consortium organizes and hosts the “Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference” to provide relevant and timely agricultural and environmental legal research and information to attorneys, lenders, accountants, tax consultants, students and other agricultural professionals involved in the agriculture and aquaculture industries in the southern U.S.  

    The Third Annual Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference was held at the University of Memphis Cecil M. Humphreys School of Law in Memphis, Tennessee on April 21-22, 2016. For more information on the conference, please visit:  

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