Replicating a National Model:
Maine's Accessing the Coast Website

In 2007, the National Sea Grant Law Center funded a grant proposal submitted by Maine Sea Grant and its partners Maine Coastal Program, The Center for Law and Innovation of University of Maine School of Law, and Island Institute to create an online coastal access resource for private waterfront landowners, government and public entities, and waterfront users (both commercial and recreational such as fishermen, kayakers, beach walkers, etc.).  "Accessing the Maine Coast" launched in 2009 to glowing reviews. Maine Sea Grant and the Law Center have been encouraging the replication of Maine's website in other states. In 2009, through a mini-grant competition, the Law Center provided a small amount of funding to facilitate the transfer of the Maine model to four other Sea Grant programs in 5 other states NJ, HI, MS/AL, VA (link available when clicking on text of the state name). To visit the individual websites, scroll over the highlighted states on our interactive map below.

For information on how your Sea Grant program can customize this website template for use in your state, please contact either Stephanie Showalter at the National Sea Grant Law Center, or Kristen Grant at Maine Sea Grant. 

Accessing the Florida Coast Accessing the Maine Coast New Jersey Coastal Access Accessing the Virginia Coast Accessing the Alabama Coast Hawai'i website
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